Want to live out your imagination?

We enable you all of that with a team of experts, covering different areas, such as planning, documentation, permits and building to the extreme limits of your imagination.

With us, you are advised, we make you a conceptual plan, the project for obtaining a building permit and the project for implementation.

You will maybe end up being a bit disappointed if you intended to take a look at the different types of houses and ground plans on our web page. But your house can look exactly the same as you wish, since it is our intention to build houses completely after the user’s desire. With the help of our or your architect or based on already existing plans, we prepare you an offer with an affordable price for you.

The appearance of the house or the architecture itself to a certain extent do not affect the execution, because we can build houses in several ways. Our interest and our work is to build a house that will enable healthy living and minimum energy consumption for heating and will at the same time be surrounded by materials that have a positive impact on both the user and the environment.

We can build your house to various building stages. Since our primary aim is to promote higher quality construction in this field, we are ready to cooperate with other performers, project leaders and architects that are willing to work in accordance with our requirements.

The prices of our houses dependent on the quality of the built-in materials. Our desire is to build inside the energy class and so far we are successful. If we have the opportunity to participate in the project from the beginning, the investor can save a lot of money, since we always suggest the most rational solution.We arrange the entire planning - from the urban verification of the location, making the outline plan of the building to the preparation of all types of project and technical documentation in accordance with the Construction Act, technical regulations and standard norms. When obtaining a building permit on behalf of the client, we obtain geodetic videos, location information and project conditions and consensus.We lead, based on the finished projects, the administrative procedure to obtain a building permit, operating permit, the change of use of the building or legalization.We also design rearrangement of existing facilities in the form of dimensions, recording existing conditions, demolition plans and plans extensions or adaptations. 

Project and technical documentation:

  • Conceptual design (IDP)
  • Project for obtaining a building permit (PGD)
  • Project for implementation (PZI)
  • The project of carried out works (PID)


  • architectural plan
  • plan of the machine installation and machine equipment
  • plan of electrical installations and electrical equipment
  • geodetic plan
  • plan of the external organization
  • demolition plan and plan of handling construction waste
  • building physics
  • geologic/ geotechnical report
  • register of works
  • safety plan
  • study of fire safety
  • technical elaborations

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