Why choose a wooden house?


Many potential owners of wooden houses are of course concerned about fire. Wood is a combustible material indeed, but in comparison to concrete and steel it assumes a greater fire load – it lessens later. This means that in case of fire a wooden building chars, but at the same time the heat is not transmitted. In practice, this means that the rescue of people and goods from a burning wooden building is possible and even much easier than from a classical built house. But of prime importance is the fact that during the burning of a wooden house there is no evolving of toxic gases, which are the most common cause of death in fire!

Wooden houses also have a high level of seismic safety, because the classical built house is about 3 times heavier! That is why the seismic force on the building is proportionally smaller and the damage, done during the earthquake, is minimal.


The process and the technology of the house enable a quick construction. House elements are made at the building site, where they are also installed, so the walls as the roof construction. The method makes it possible that the house is covered with a roof only in a few days. This part is followed by an execution of installations and internal processing of the house, which you can do by yourself or you can trust the execution to us.


When the environment in which we live is designed in such a way that stimulates us, then we can talk about a healthy living environment. Wood absorbs excessive moisture from the living space and at the same time emits it into the living space when there is a shortage of it. The average amount of moisture in wood during the construction is 12-16%. Since wood is a natural material, it responds to external influences. This means that the amount of moisture in wood is not constant, but varies according to the seasons and the weather.


The wooden house gives us an energy-efficient home. Wood is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, and that is why the features of wood are certainly in the first place among all the advantages offered by wooden products. The walls of wooden houses absorb and accumulate warmth, which means that our home warms up much faster and cools down more slowly. According to the institution of the National Bureau of Standards (NBS - USA) the energy saving in heating adds up to between 20 and 30 percent, compared to a classical house.


A wooden house can be a modern, large house, which allows the residents a healthy and natural stay- a life in touch with the nature! Wood is the frame of every healthy home, therefore it is, because of its features, unquestionably the most ecological among all the building materials!

Wooden houses contribute to smaller climate changes, because wood accumulates CO2, which would otherwise be released into the environment, causing the greenhouse effect.

Number of families that want to live in a healthy micro-climate is increasing. A healthy lifestyle and a positive impact on our well-being are the reasons for the purchase of your life!


Our approach to the customer is individual, we make the house according to customer's wishes and ideas, with the help of your or our architect. We guarantee you a professional and high-quality execution. We can build the house only to a certain phase or up to the end. 


If we take a look at our countryside, we can find plenty of venerable old wooden houses, which prove that wooden houses are also lasting. Recent researches have also shown that the minimum durability of a wooden house is 80 years. It is certainly possible to greatly exceed this number with being a good and caring master, as well as with the use of protective coatings for wood.

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